10+ ages  |  2-5 players  |  15± mins playtime |  howtoplay

Zombie Puppies

Zombie Puppies


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Barktastic FAMILY-FRIENDLY and LANGUAGE-INDEPENDENT BATTLE card game combining STRATEGY & LUCK. Save your puppy from the zombie virus!

Zombie Puppies is an easy-to-learn game that won’t take longer than 10 minutes to learn. Being language-independent, once you get the hang of it, you can easily play it without looking into the rules!

  • 2-5 players
  • ~ 15 min.
  • +10 years
  • easy-to-learn
  • language-independent
  • made in Germany
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Design of the game

It is very easy to learn this game

The game consists of 4 different types of healing and infection cards and additional action cards. Each turn you can infect another player and use a healing or action card. The healing and infection cards cancel each other out in the game. If someone has accumulated 5 infection cards of the same type, the player’s puppy turns into a zombie and can only infect until the end of the game. The game can be won in two ways. If you collect 3 healing cards of the same type, you get the healing serum and win. Or one manages to hold out until all the other puppies have turned into zombies.

1982: A research laboratory in Luanda, Angola is experimenting with a virus to fight ebola. Due to an accident (rumors say the professor forgot to change his shoes when he went home at night and the virus got transferred to a snail which was eaten by a mouse, which got caught by a cat that fought the neighbors puppy) the virus mutated and infected a poor puppy that then turned into a zombie puppy. The incubation time seems to be about 3-6 days. This virus, although very serious, seems to only infect puppies. But help is on the way! 

The clumsy professor is able to develop a healing serum from the bones of the ancient chicken-dog. Can you collect enough healing bones to help him with the serum and save your puppy or will you fight your way through the zombie apocalypse?

let the battle begin

Everything you need to know about Zombie Puppies

Zombie Puppies is a thrilling battle card game that combines strategy and luck. The game is easy to learn and suitable for 2-5 players aged 10 and above, with an average playing time of around 20 minutes. In this game, players must prevent their cute puppies from turning into braindead zombie puppies by either obtaining the healing serum or outlasting their opponents.

The game is set in 1982 in a research laboratory in Luanda, Angola, where a virus meant to fight ebola accidentally mutates and infects a puppy, turning it into a zombie puppy. Players take on the role of puppy owners who must collect healing bones to create the serum and save their puppies. The objective is to either turn all other puppies into zombie puppies by infecting them with five cards of the same letter or collect three healing cards of the same letter to obtain the healing serum.

The game components include puppy cards, infection cards, healing cards, action cards, and reference cards. Players start by setting up two draw piles for infection and healing/action cards. Each player chooses a puppy card and places it face-up in front of them, along with a designated space to build up four stacks of cards sorted by letters (A, B, C, D). Players receive six hand cards, with two from the infection pile and four from the healing/action pile.

On their turn, players can play one infection card and one healing/action card. Healing cards help in gaining the healing serum and defending the puppy, while infection cards are used to attack other players. Cards of the same letter can neutralize each other. Action cards provide various strategies for attacking, researching, or defending and can be played immediately or persist over a round.

A special card, the professor, can be obtained by collecting two healing cards of the same letter. Zombie mode is triggered when a player receives five infection cards of the same letter, turning their puppy into a zombie puppy. The game’s dynamics change depending on the number of players, with strategic choices becoming more crucial as infection stacks grow. The game encourages collaboration and tactical alliances, as players often target a single opponent.

Zombie Puppies offers an engaging and balanced gameplay experience, combining elements of luck and strategy. It is a language-independent game that can be enjoyed by a wide range of players. The creators, Niko and Lana, have aimed to create an inclusive and accessible game, constantly improving it with input from the community. The objective is to save your puppy from the zombie virus or be the last standing player before all others turn into zombie puppies.

Zombie Puppies

Zombie Puppies