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Love puppies? How about zombies? Both? Then this game is for YOU! Satisfy your inner childhood nostalgia by playing this strategic battle-card game that is fun, colorful, and puts your zombie-killing skills (and friendship) to the test! 

We present to you Zombie Puppies, and we are in need of your help! A highly infectious virus is taking over our beloved puppies and your goal will be to save your pup from dying. The catch is: you actively infect the other pups in each round. We need to save them all, but what do we risk in order to find the cure? What strategy will you use? Play us to find out!


We are a battle card game that is family-friendly and here to satisfy your love for puppies, zombies, and 80s nostalgia! That’s right, we’re an all-package deal.   

This game is suitable for a wide range of ages, starting from age 7, and is best played with 2-5 players. 

We will soon be launching our campaign on Kickstarter and need backers! As a newly launched independent game, a board game is nothing without its loyal players. How can you support us? Well, once our Kickstarter campaign is up and running, the option to back our campaign will be available. Make sure to be subscribed to our newsletter to know when our campaign begins!


Our mission is to create a card game that everyone can turn to when they need to let go and have some fun, no matter who they’re with. It’s our team’s mission to make everyone laugh, smile, and fight over this game as much as possible. It’s been an immense joy playing Zombie Puppies with our loved ones and we want to share that same experience with you.


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Think. Play. Laugh. Fight!


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